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Upward Continuous Casting Machine
Upward Continuous Casting Machine
The Upward Continuous Casting Machine is widely used to produce non-oxygen copper rod.

Detailed Product Description

upward casting machine
The continuous casting machine is widely used to produce non-oxygen copper rod.

upward casting machine
The continuous caster is the key equipment to invert the liquid metal into casting metal.It plays an important role when inverting the liquid metal into stick, rod, string, and in sectional material machining, it is the most important to the final products quality and characters.
Output purpose:
1.Used as copper wire of electrical wire, cable, telecommunication wire, computer wire.
2.Copper alloy wire used as mechanical arm, layout of car and electrical engine, cable of electrical car, axles and sheath of  bearings.
3.Copper pipes and fittings both for family and industry use
4. Used for gauges, sealing pipes,valves and welding belts.
5.Used in electronic
6.Used in glasses, zipper industry, valves, copper screws and nuts and joints.
 Speciality of the continuous caster machine
1.Advanced technology ,easy to operate
2.High quality output
3.Various of specifications
4.Low cost
5.No pollution

Compared to traditional casting technology. Continuous casting takes great advantages, especially when founding active metals including the easy-oxidation metals and their alloy .    
A)The continuous casting is carried in nearly closed state, it does not touch the oxygen and harmful gas from the air which protect the founding base from oxygen and guarantee the metal organise and physical performance in good condition, it prevent some alloy from oxidation volatilization, reduce the spoilage, remain the composition of elements in the alloy.
B)The size of founding base is precision, the size,shape of the base could be changed by adjusting the die,which makes the size and design of the founding base to approach the finish product, it makes the machining more easy, to reduce the consumption during the procedure,to save cost.
The continuous casting base makes the next working procedure be continuous and efficient,also it meets the special requirements of some products such as some work piece could not have the welding point etc.

Casting rod specification:Dia 8mm,12.5mm,16mm
Output:2000t/year,3000t/year,5000t/year,10000ton/year,15000ton/year available.We can also make the machine according to user's requirement conform machine.