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Copper Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine
Copper Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine


♦When this equipment uses vertical melting furnace plus transfer thermostat furnace

♦Take the electrolytic copper as the primary material

♦Use the way of continuous casting a

Chapter I  60Ton Air Furnace
60Ton Air furnace smelts the scrap copper as raw material, natural gas as the fuel,it burns inside the furnace. In normal production, each oven of copper scrap consumes 4800 to 5000 cubic. The glowing heat of natural gas should be over 9500 calorie, the model of nozzel is Q300.
The material we provide is listed as below:
1. Fire resistance material:
① Magnesite brick :
Brick description Specification(mm) Quantity(pcs)
380x150x75 2700
460x150x75 120
380x75x75 150
380x150x37 80
230x115x65 1500
230x115x65/45(twin upend) 700
380x150x75/65(twin upend) 2800
380x150x75/55(twin upend) 600
380x150/130x75(trapezoid) 500
380x220x380x350x150(arch brick) (80)
320x230x120x24(copper flow output) 15
Magnesite powder(200mesh) 6T  magnesite sand0-5mm 7T  Magneseum chloride 2T

② Clay brick :

Specification(mm) Quantity(pcs)
230x115x65 20000
230x65x57 1000
230x115x32.5 100
Arch brickT-24 150
Fire resistance mud 10T
Asbestos Fiber board(600x400x20) 300carton
Funnel flue brick(230x115x65) 12000
230x115x65/45 7000
Fire resistancs concrete 2T

2. Cast iron :

specification(mm) quantity(pcs)
1800x400x40 14
1600x400x40 23
1600x300x40 1
1600x200x40 1
1660x400x40 4
1760x400x40 2
1300x400x40 12
1250x400x40 12
1600x600x120 1(high temprature resistance material)
1250x300x40 1
1600x600x60 1(high temprature resistance material,with an opening for nozzel )
1050x400x40 34
1500x400x40 2
Oven pillar 230x200x1200 2high temprature resistance material)

3. Steel :

①   25#I Beam                                         120m
      20#I Beam                                          24m
      18#I Beam                                          12m
②  20#Channel Beam                             24m
      10#                                                      24m
      22#I Beam                                          24m
③  Φ50Round Bar                                   150m
      Φ245x20  (Round pipe)                36m
      Φ60                                                      9m
④  Angle Bar90x90                                  80m
      50x50                                                   72m
⑤  Steel Board7000x2000x20                 2block
      7000x1800x16                                     2block
      7000x1500x10                                     2block
      7000x1500x6                                       1block
4.Installation part:
Load chain(big)                                     8m
           (Medium)                                    10m
Wire rope   Φ18                                         15m
Chain hoist    2T                                         2sets
Round teel piple Φ150x5                          12m
                             Φ300x5                           2m
Thermo detector                                        1set
Graphite stick  1000xΦ50                          100pcs
Φ800x8(steel pipe)                                20m
Inner Φ1”high pressure rubber hose       20m
Air furnace  1set
Natural gas nozzel 2pc
22kw Fan engine 1pc
1.5T winch  1set
Manual material feeding push rod 1set
22kw Hot water pump,(its water supply system connect to various sizes of hose, hoses to be supplied by buyer)
ChapterII 1800+255/12(4+8)Copper rod CCR Line
I Usage
      This machine produces ø8.0mm bright copper rod by the technology of continuous casting and rollding , the raw material is copper cathod or copper scrap.
II Machine Composition
      This machine line is composed by casting machine, traction machine, slitting mill, straightener angel plane, roughening machine, continuous rolling machine, cooling reduction and take up coiler, electrical control system ect.
III Production process in breif introduction
    Copper material→air furnace →casting →traction→slitting milling →straightening and angel planning→roughening→continuous rolling→cooling deoxygenization and take up coiler→bright copper rod
IV Main technical parameter
1、Crystalizing wheel diameter                         ø1800 mm
2、Casting ingot sectional area                          2350 mm2
3、Rolling method                                               2roll + 3roll
4、Rolling pass                                                    12(4+8)
5、Mill roll nominal diameter                             ø255 mm
6、output rod diameter                                      ø8.0 mm
7、Max rolling speed                                          9.8 m/s
8、max output capacity                                     15 T/h
9、Main motor power                                         450 kw
10、Coiling type                                                 quincunx coiling
11、Coiling diameter                                          ø1250 mm
12、Bundling diameter                                      ø1650 mm
13、Max bundling weight                                   5 T
14、Installed gross capacity:                          550 kw
V Technical parameter of each single machine
A. Continuous casting machine
1.Crystalizer wheel diameter                            ø1800 mm
2.Crystalizer rotation                                         1.5-3 r/min
3.Ingot output speed                                         8.5-16.9 m/min
4.Casting ingot sectional area                         2300 mm2
5.Cooling water pressure                                0.3-0.5 MPa
    Cooling water capacity                                150 m3/h(soft water)
    Cooling water temprature                           <35 ℃
6.Crystalizer wheel drive motor                      Y160M1-6  4kw    
B. Casting ingot traction machine
1.Max traction speed                                        18 m/min
2.Motor power                                                   1.1  kw
C.Slitting miller
1.Slit lenghth of each cutting                          700 mm
2.motor power:                                              15  kw
D. straightening angel spanner
 1.Max straightening speed                            18 m/min
2. spanner group                                              2
E.Roughening machine
1.Roughen head                                               4
2.Roughen motor                                             Y90S-6(B5) N=0.75kw
F. Continuous rolling machine
1.Max final rolling speed                                 Vmax=9.8 m/s
2.Output rod diameter                                     ø8.0
3.Max output capacity                                     15 T/h
4.Rolling central height                                   902.5㎜
5. Roller nominal diamter                               ø255 mm
6.Stander number                                        total 12 standers
                                                                       Horizontal stander 2pcs
                                                                       Vertical stander 2pcs
                                                                       Y type upper transmission stander 4pcs
                                                                       Y type under drive 4pcs
7.Main motor                                                Z4-355-32  450kw  750 r/min
8.Ingot feeding device   air cylinder  10A-5  CBB100B100(RY-T)
9.Rolling mill emulsion type lubrication system
Emulsion pump IS100-65-200 Q=100 m3/h  H=50m  22kw  2900 r/min    2set(1set standby)
filter                                                              GLQ-100  1set  assorted engine 1.1kw
cooler (board cooler 45m2)                   1pc
10.Rolling miller oil lubrication system
          Gear pump  2CY-12/0.33-2  5.5kw  960 r/min  2set(1set standby)
          Work pressure    0.08-0.3Mpa
          filter   GLQ-80  1台
          oil tank        V=4 m3
          oil temprature        <45 ℃
G. Cooling and take up coiler
1.Coiling type                                             quincunx coiling
2.Coiling diameter                                     ø1250 mm
3.Bundling diameter                                  ø1650 mm    
4.Max bundling weight                              5 T
5. Cooling alcohol water circulate system
Alcohol water pumpIS100-65-200B Q=90 m3/h  H=41m  15kw  2900 r/min    2set(1set standby)
filter    GLQ-100  1set  assorted engine1.1kw
cooler (board cooler 45m2)                   1pc
VI Machine Feature:
        The crystalizer wheel adapts H type, tetrahedral cooling, the outer and side cooling is devided to 
     4 segments; inner cooling is devided to 6 segments, the water supply of each segment is adjustable 
     seperately, with pressure display.It uniformizes the ingot cooling, makes grain refining,strengthen
     technology adaptation. The steel belt  adopts pneumatic tensioning, after being fixed, the steel belt
     tension is invariable, it is helpful to casting copper ingot with high quality.  
        The continuous rolling machine adopts 2 and 3 roller,it helps to enlarge the ingot deformation in
     high temprature stage.
        Cooling and deoxygenization take up coiler has the function of cooling and deoxygenization, to
     assure the brightness and temprature controllability of output copper rod.
VII Tools
Including:1. fixture for steel belt welding
                    2. rolling machine assembling snap gauge
                    3. T type sleeve hand crank for rolling machine
                    4. T type nut spanner for the base
                    5. knockout tools for rolling machine bearing set
                    6. M30 nut sleeve for rolling machine
                    7. Connect wrench of base and main gear box
                    8. 1~12# roller assemble plug gauge
VIII. Tools or auxiaries to be outiftted by user
1. smelting oven(including burning system and launder)
2. Copper scrap packer
3.Copper scrap liuquid waggon
4. Scrap copper ingot waggon
5. Air compressor 5m³/min(the gas consuming of smelting oven is not included )
6. Emulsion pond 50m³(including prefiltration system)
7. Alchohol pond 40m³
8. out water supply piping( incling cooling tower)
9. gas circuit system
10. Casting machine operation panel( structured at site)
11. steel belt welding machine, cutting machine, hand grinder
12. oxygen and acetylene supply system
13. liquid gas supply system
14. Welding machine
15. Drainage system for water cooling the crystalizer wheel of casting machine,  heat exchanging water
      supply system for cooler of machine group(including emulsion, alcohol,cooling tower, valve and 
16. Supply the cables and  wires  connecting from main power net to electrical control cabinet, from
      control cabinet to machine control site,and connecting  between cabinets upward casting