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Casting Graphite Mould
Graphite die and protective sleeve for up caster machine for copper melting



1. Thermal stability: According to the quench acute thermal using conditions of graphite crucible, we will specially design the production procedure, so as to ensure the reliability of product quality.
2. Corrosion resistance: Even and fine basic design will delay the erosion of crucible.
3. Impact resistance: Graphite crucible can bear high thermal impact, so any process can be carried out.
4. Acid resistance: The adding of special materials will greatly improve the quality of crucible, especially its index of acid resistance., and will prolong the service life of graphite crucible.
5. High heat Conduction: High content of fixed carbon ensures the good heat conduction, shorten the time of dissolution, and remarkably reduce the energy consumption.
6. Control of metal pollution: The component of material under strict control will ensure that graphite crucible will not pollute the metals when dissolving.
7. Quality stability: The process technology of forming under high pressure and quality guarantee system will fully ensure the stability of quality



Graphite molds Materials index:

1.Content: 99.99%
2.Density: 1.87g/cm³
3.Compressive strength: 65mPa
4.Shore hardness: 55
5.Porosity: 15%


  C content Density Compressive strength Shore hardness Porosity
Materials index 99.99% 1.87g/cm³ 65mPa 55 15%




1. Brass continuous casting mould
2. Red copper continuous casting mould
3. Continuous casting mould for jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, etc.
4. Steel and stainless steel continuous casting mould.
By the shape of the cast product, it is divided into round bar mould, hollow tube mould, and shaped mould.